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Mechanical power during ECCO2R

We have published this year at the ISICEM an abstract about mechanical power ​1​ and its reduction during extracorporeal CO2 removal. We have found that the optimal combination of tidal volume and frequency might be different than currently proposed strategies ​2​.

We show that an increase in needed ventilation due to a higher VCO2 is best met with an increase in respiratory rate, while higher tidal volumes might be beneficial in overcoming fixed dead space fractions. The optimal ventilation strategy ultimately depends on an optimized combination of RR, Vt and PEEP in the context of a given VD and shunt and could further reduce mechanical power below a critical VILI threshold, which has been shown to be at 12 J/min in piglets ​3​, but remains unknown for humans.
A: Mechanical power as a function of varying VD for different Vt/RR settings. B: Mechanical power as a function of varying ECCO2R for different Vt/RR settings, calculated for a fixed physiological VD of 20% of Vt.

The abstract, published in the critical care supplement 2020 ​4​, is online with audio commentary.


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